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  • "Gold Snake"


    size: 60 x 80 cm

    material: Printed photo on aluminium frame with 24k goldleaf and acrilyc paint & markers.


    A unique Luvis & Linchy collaboration.


    Luvis founder: Bas Andries, a photographer/ cinematographer from Amsterdam.


    Linchy is me! Together we create the most amazing  and unique artworks. 


    Bas uses 1 single lamp to light his photos just like the old masters who used only a window or a candle when they painted.

    Together with an amazing flowerist they created amazing photo's, with a modern twist.

    And me? I just make it a little more juicy in my studio !

    I customize this beautiful photo to make it even more unique

    using 24K goldleaf, acrylic paint & markers..


    Take a look at my page "Luvis & Linchy"  to see some of our collaboration pieces come to life.

    And also take a look at the original photos.



    Luvis & Linchy collaboration “Gold Snake”

    € 850,00Prijs
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