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  • My go-to slippers I wear all day everyday!

    Now available in my webshop.


    They take about 19 WORKING days to arrive,...could be much sooner could be a little later…It's totally out of my hands and it depends on to which country they have to be shipped to and also how long custom clearance takes...


    I know, it's long BUT they are amazing.


    I keep the costs low because the manufacturer sends them straight to your house.


    Please check the size chart before ordering to see the millimeters of the slippers..


    I would order like so:

    If you have size 39 order 39-40

    If you have size 40 order 41-42


    But, just check your feet size in MM as a measurement..

    On every order 1 make 3,45 euro’s so by buying these you support me and I appreciate that! 💋🙏

    Enjoy your new favorite slippers or "Sloffen" as we say in Holland!!


    You're welcome!!





    Linchy’s Smiley slippers

    € 35,00Prijs
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