• Leather Bags, ready to be customized.


    I use Angelus leather paint and finisher on the bag that makes it water resistant.  When you use and handle your bag with a little care, it should stay pretty for a very long time.. but mind that your image is painted on the bag so consider it being an artwork which needs to be handled with a bit of care and love..It can damage when scratched or squeezed in tiny storage areas and fade a bit when excessively used..


    Hermes style bag. 

    100% Genuine Leather Women Shoulder / Crossbody Bags with cute lock with key.

    Small & Medium bags come with shoulderstrap 





    30cm: 30cm * 15cm * 22cm (Length * Width * Height)
    The metal fittings is gold color.

    With shoulder strap



    35cm: 35cm * 17cm * 24cm (Length * Width * Height)
    The metal fittings is gold color.
    No shoulder strap.


    Will be sent out anywhere between 6 to 13 weeks after ordering.After sending it will take 2-14 business days to arrive! (depending on where in the world you live)

    White Genuine Leather bag, Ready to be customized

    Color: White

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