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A B O U T   U S 

Luvis founder: Bas Andries, a photographer/ cinematographer from Amsterdam.


Linchy is me! 

Together we create the most amazing  and unique artworks. 

We both attended the Dutch Film academy in Amsterdam

where Bas studied for D.O.P. and I studied Production Design.

We’ve lost touch for a couple of years but one day, while spying on my old classmates on instagram, I came across Bas’ flower photo’s.


I immediately loved his amazing bombastic still life flower photo’s.

I complimented him (a bit obsessive because I was totally obsesse with the photos) and wanted to know everything about it and how he created them...


He told me he was introduced to art by his aunt Sien, who regularly took him to go to a museum when he was a young boy, and got really inspired by paintings from the old masters.

This series he dedicated to his aunt, by including her personal belongings to the different scenes.


If you look closely you see a lipstick , car keys and iPhone on the table..


Bas uses 1 single lamp to light his photos just like the old masters who used only a window or a candle. Together with an amazing flowerist they created these works of art, with a modern twist.


It was not long after we got in contact again that he choose to sent one of his pictures to my studio for me to paint over it!

And so I did.. I customize these beautiful photo's to make them even more unique

using 24K goldleaf, spraypaint, acrylic paint & markers..


We’re creating these unique conversation pieces. Every single time you look at them you will see something new.

Take a look below to see some of our collaboration pieces come to life.

And also take a look at the original photos.

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